Video Games

Anyone who knows me knows I love video games. The designs, the imagination, and the experimental narratives. There is a lot in video games for anyone with artistic leanings to appreciate. I’ve been working on a series of video game drawings in my free time that will hopefully come together as a book once i’ve done more. Bonus points if you can guess what games are being represented in the images!

VG01 VG02


New Business Card Day!

Artist business cards are always the best! I have a huge collection from gallery shows, and the OCADU Grad Show. Artist go out of their way to infuse a bit of their work into the card, and i’m no exception. I love to create 2 to 4 new designs for my business cards every year. It makes them fun, and sort of a collectors item (at least for my collection). Here are a couple of the card backgrounds I selected. They are both water themed, but i’ll certainly have a couple more before january is out.




Christmas on the Cheap!

I have a small tradition that was born out of my student poverty days; a painter’s tape Christmas tree! The whole project costs roughly four dollars (tape/colour paper) and results in a 6 foot Christmas tree that will easily fit in any home or box. Happy Holidays all!



Holiday Promotions!

I’ve been sending out my Holiday promotions to clients and potential clients. I never do as many promotions as i’d like throughout the year, but Christmas has so many fun images associated with it that i’m always super excited to draw! Happy Holidays all!



Silent, but not absent!

Illustrators have pretty much the same schedule as stores. We have to think about the holiday season months in advance. The holiday season is the perfect time to send out promotions to clients, or prospective clients. So this time of year normally has me engrossed in drawing snowmen, pine trees, and Santa Claus. I plan on posting about the experience of drawing Santa in ten different incarnations, but since i’m still working on it i’ve decided to wait. I did do a quick holiday card for my optometrist because he gave me a great price cut on some much needed new glasses! I’m undecided if I want to add colour because it would likely make the ink run and i’d like to give him the original drawing on illustration board.





It may be the French side of me, but I love Tintin and Lucky Luc! They were always the first books I gravitated too in a library.  I recently started gathering all my old Tintin books to re-read them. The art is beautiful in it’s simplicity. The colour palette fits the style perfectly. The story is enduringly funny. But one thing i’ve noticed as an adult, Tintin get his ass WHOOPED at least once in every book. Maybe it’s because he’s a journalist who acts more like a Navy Seal, but it’s incredible he doesn’t have permanent brain damage from all the blows to the back of the head. So, I decided to draw a frame from every Tintin book every printed.





Got my scanner back to functionality!

I decided to colour in a drawing I had done a week ago. While drawing I often listen to audio books and podcasts. I particularly like the gaming podcasts and play-throughs on RageSelect.com and so I decided to draw the muppet duo hosts in between projects.



Flight of the Conchords

I’ll have access to my scanner in 2 days, but in the meantime, the drawing continues!

I was listening to Flight of the Conchords yesterday and this drawing just kinda happened. I wish they got the 3rd Season on HBO!